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Death and the Seaside

Death and the Seaside

'For the size of the work it packs a mighty, subversive punch.'
Jackie Law, Never Imitate

'Death and the Seaside is a psychologically astute novel of power, control and influence... Blending layers of memory and imagination there are signposts to the end everywhere, if you only know where to look. Clever and really quite disturbing.'
Mel Mitchell, Nudge

'How could I not love a novel about reading and writing, about the boundary between fact and fiction, and about maverick psychology?'
Anne Goodwin, ​Annecdotal

'a fantastically uncanny and unsettling jaunt to the British seaside... Death and the Seaside is a tense, tightly plotted and darkly comical novel'
Eleanor Baggley, BookSmoke

'Dense, complex, thought-provoking, it manages to be at once a fairytale and a philosophical treatise, high-octane thriller and literary interrogation.'
Sarah Crown, The Guardian

'Reality and fiction begin to merge in this tense, atmospheric story about suggestibility, semiotics and storytelling... When I finished the novel, I almost felt as if I’d been put under a spell.'
The Perfectionist Pen

'Alison Moore is one of the most gifted and interesting writers of weird fiction in Britain today.'
Nina Allan, The Spider's House

'brutally funny... she is both gifted stylist and talented creator of a new English grotesque'
Isabel Berwick, ​The Financial Times

'absorbing and sharp... this short, elegant novel is a glimpse into the subconscious – like a lucid dream'
Ruth McKee, ​The Irish Times

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