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Eastmouth and Other Stories

Eastmouth and Other Stories

Alison Moore's debut collection, The Pre-War House and Other Stories, gathered together stories written prior to the publication of her first novel. Eastmouth and Other Stories is her second collection, featuring stories published in the subsequent decade, including stories that have appeared in Best British Short Stories, Best British Horror and Best New Horror as well as new, unpublished work.

Contents include:

'Ooderwald' (Same Same But Different)
'Seabound' (Out of the Darkness)
'Broad Moor' (Nightjar Press)
'May Day' (High Spirits: A Round of Drinking Stories)
'The Sketch' (New Fears 2)
'The Stone Dead' (The Shadow Booth)
'The Voice of the People' (Shadows & Tall Trees)
'Burning the Winter' (PowWow Festival: Stories)
'The Meantime' (2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories)
'Pieces' (Black Balloon)
'The Harvestman' (Nightjar Press)
'A Month of Sundays' (Solstice Shorts)
'The Spite House' (Curious Tales: Poor Souls' Light)
'Eastmouth' (The Spectral Book of Horror Stories)
'Summerside' (Shadows & Tall Trees)
'Hardanger' (AM Magazine)
'Point of Entry' (NWS Journal: Crime)
'Winter Closing' (Curious Tales: The Longest Night)

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Eastmouth and Other Stories is available as a paperback from Salt and other booksellers, and is also available as an ebook.

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