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Sunny and the Hotel Splendid

Sunny and the Hotel Splendid

Sometimes, a sound in an empty room is just a breeze coming in through an open window, billowing a curtain, toppling a vase, scattering some papers, slamming a door. And sometimes it's not.

On the hottest day of the year, Ana Sharma and her mum check in to the Hotel Splendid, a place where bells seem to ring all by themselves, jam pots and milk jugs appear on the breakfast table as if by magic, and things go bump in the night. The Hotel Splendid has a problem. When Ana and Sunny meet, they come up with a solution, but one problem leads to another. Meanwhile, the hotel is harbouring an unexpected guest...

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Sunny and the Hotel Splendid (for children aged 7+) is illustrated by Ross Collins and available as a paperback from Salt and other booksellers, and is also available as an ebook.

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