Alison Moore

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The Junction

'Alison Moore's 'The Junction' (2024) is among the best stories of hers I've read, which is saying a lot. With her trademark subtle style and glorious eye for detail, the story builds slowly and satisfyingly as Paul breaks down in the countryside and is invited in by a friendly, disarming stranger, Neville, to wait for a tow truck. As they share food and drink, infused with sloe berries (a fantastic ongoing joke throughout), their cosy intimacy increases and the story takes on the character of a modern fairytale.'
Giselle Leeb, Interzone #299

Sunny and the Wicked Lady

'The language and structure of the story are perfectly pitched to engage young readers whilst avoiding condescension. Indeed, there is plenty to entertain readers of all ages. The adventures related are enhanced by the wonderful illustrations. Along with the previous books in the series, this is a story of bravery and friendship that I highly recommend.'
Jackie Law, Never Imitate

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Broad Moor

'Moore's story 'Broad Moor' manages to remain controlled and believable, yet punctuated by all the tropes of a horror film... Rich with symbolism and expert ambiguity, 'Broad Moor' provides an intriguing taster of this writer's boundlessly original imagination.'
Sam Pryce, Sabotage Reviews

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The Harvestman

'a story about fear, and the way that fear can pull danger down towards itself - which, in spite of the coolness of the style, imbues the story with impending doom.'
Elizabeth Baines

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Small Animals

'Moore writes a pitch perfect tale of gathering unease, the situation moving from strange to distinctly disturbing... This quiet tale of creeping unease and reality shift is a superb example of what the short form is capable of.'
Peter Tennant, Black Static #32

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