Alison Moore

Writer of fiction,
from novels to a story on a postcard


Eastmouth and Other Stories

Eastmouth and Other Stories

'An eminently satisfying read from a master storyteller with a deliciously chilling imagination.'
Jackie Law, Never Imitate

'Alison Moore's sinister stories inhabit a familiar territory of domestic disturbance, where grey seaside towns and chilly old houses are the everyday settings for events which seethe with quiet unease.'
Eithne Farry, The Daily Mail

'Alison Moore's Eastmouth and Other Stories is a beguiling read... Moore's powerful depiction of buildings, nature, and the doomed choices of her characters, results in a potent weft of inevitability, calamity, and tragedy, with writing and characters that stay with you long after you have put away her compelling vignettes.'
Louise Brown, Everybody's Reviewing

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