Alison Moore

Writer of fiction,
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The Harvestman

The Harvestman

'a story about fear, and the way that fear can pull danger down towards itself - which, in spite of the coolness of the style, imbues the story with impending doom.'
Elizabeth Baines

'The story is only a few pages long, but it’s a beauty. During the short time it takes to read it, it is impossible not to become aware of how well made it is.'
Nina Allan, The Spider's House

'beautifully constructed and with a satisfying narrative drive, well realised characters, and underlying it all a touch of the blackly comedic.'
Peter Tennant, Black Static #50

'Moore’s story evokes the atmosphere of an off-season, slightly dingy seaside town; but there’s a vein of symbolism running through ‘The Harvestman’ that really enriches the piece... The question becomes, can Eliot escape his situation with himself intact? Reaching the answer to this is an intriguing journey.'
David Hebblethwaite, David's Book World

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