Alison Moore

Writer of fiction,
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The Pre-War House and Other Stories

The Pre-War House and Other Stories

'showcases the evolution of a writer who refuses to dilute her stories with artificial light or sentimentality to make them more palatable. There’s really no need, when she knows how to make bleakness so thrillingly readable.'
Isabel Costello, The Literary Sofa

'The stories are evocative and often sinister, honing in on the details of everyday life with extraordinary insight into human nature... It is a delicious read and, having read some of the stories a few times, it is something I will keep going back to. A remarkable debut collection which comes highly recommended.'
F.C. Malby

'There is an insistent, rhythmic quality to Moore's writing, and a dark imagination at work.'
Genevieve Fox, The Daily Mail

'just as uncompromising and unsettling as The Lighthouse... Moore's distinctive voice commands exceptional power'
Dinah Birch, The Guardian

'beautifully crafted, rendered in a lean, pared-down style that accentuates the stark content'

'The tales collected in The Pre-War House... pick at psychological scabs in a register both wistful and brutal.'
Anthony Cummins, The Times Literary Supplement

'she creates an atmosphere of discomfort pervaded by that niggling feeling that all is not quite as it should be. Clever stuff.'
Lit Nerd

'Moore's writing is surprising and exact and culminates in the title story, the novella which brings the collection to a powerful crescendo'
The Arkansas International

'There's a sense of unmet expectations inherent in these stories - a version of the imagined past or present that juts up against reality, creating a quiet sense of sadness that dogs these characters. As they navigate their lives, Moore slowly unearths their essential fears, regrets, and unmet desires, producing a subdued and beautiful feeling of yearning that leaves the reader ruminating long after the final page. A masterful collection.'
Kirkus Review

'Moore is a master of saying much with few words... Although these are not happy tales, they are satisfying reads. Moore is the real deal.'
Joan Curbow, Booklist

'Delightfully creepy and gut-wrenching.'
Winnipeg Free Press

'I envy Moore's talent... it was impossible to stay away long'
Anthony Bukoski, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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